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Citation. Maxson, S. J. 1978. A nesting study of ruffed grouse at the Cedar Creek Natural History Area, Minnesota. The Loon 50:25-30.   [1395  CC]

Abstract. During a radio-telemetry study of female Ruffed Grouse in three breeding seasons (1971-73) I documented activity patterns, home range and habitat use, and nesting information. This study was conducted at the Cedar Creek Natural History Area about 48 km north of Minneapolis. In general the topography of the area is flat to slightly rolling. Uplands consist primarily of oak forest and old fields with scattered areas of aspen and birch. Lowlands are made up of mixed hardwood forests and alder, tamarack, or white cedar swamps. This paper presents nesting chronologies, characteristics of nest sites, and TV observations of an incubating hen, while other aspects of my study are reported elsewhere (Maxson 1977).

Keywords. ruffed grouse, Bonasa umbellus, radiotelemetry, nesting

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