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Citation. Maxson, S. J. 1977. Activity patterns of female ruffed grouse during the breeding season. The Wilson Bulletin 89(3):439-455.   [1394  CC]

Abstract. Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) are difficult to observe for extended periods in the wild. Consequently, despite the considerable research attention this bird has received (e.g. Bump et al. 1947, Gullion and Marshall 1968, and others), few precise data are available concerning its activity patterns. Recent radiotelemetry studies in Minnesota (Archibald 1973 and several studies cited therein) have increased our knowledge of this aspect of the Ruffed Grouse's behavior but activity patterns of female Ruffed Grouse during the breeding season remain poorly documented. This paper reports a radiotelemetry study of female Ruffed Grouse activity patterns from pre-incubation through post-incubation periods at the University of Minnesota's Cedar Creek Natural History Area located about 45 km north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Keywords. ruffed grouse, Bonasa umbellus, radiotelemetry, breeding season

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