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Citation. Lindeman, R. L. 1941. The developmental history of Cedar Creek Bog, Minnesota. The American Midland Naturalist 25(1):101-112.   [1379  CC]

Abstract. The Anoka Sand Plain of east central Minnesota is liberally sprinkled with lakes, bogs and marshes, representing innumerable phases of hydrarch succession. One of the most interesting areas of this region is known as the Cedar Creek Bog; it is located astride the Anoka-Isanti county boundary, Range 23W, Township 34N, Section 27. The character of this bog was first recognized in 1931 by Dr. W.S. Cooper, during an aerial survey of the Anoka Sand Plain. Terrestrial explorations corroborated his surmise that the bog represented an advanced successional stage of what had once been a much larger lake, formed in an ice-block depression of pitted outwash.

Keywords. bog, Cedar Creek Bog, succession

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