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Citation. Laurie-Ahlberg, C. C.; McKinney, F. 1979. The nod-swim display of male green-winged teal (Anas Crecca). Animal Behaviour 27:165-172.   [1369  CC]

Abstract. Nod-swimming is a frequent and conspicuous display performed by males during the social courtship of green-winged teal. The purposes of this study were (a) to determine the function of nod-swimming and (b) to compare various features of the display between the allopatric American and European races. Cine films of social courtship were analyzed to determine the situations in which nod-swimming is given, the effects it appears to have on other birds, the relationship between nod-swim frequency and dominance status and the temporal association of nod-swimming with other displays. The results show that nod-swimming is much reduced in the European, as compared to the American, race and they suggest that one of the important functions of nod-swimming in both races is appeasement.

Keywords. green-winged teal, Anas crecca, courtship display, nod-swim

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