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Citation. Lampe, R. P. 1982. Food habits of badgers in east central Minnesota. Journal of Wildlife Management 46(3):790-795.   [1367  CC]

Abstract. Previous food habit studies of badger (Taxidea taxus) in Michigan (Dearborn 193'2), Iowa (Errington 1937, Snead and Hendrickson 1942), South Dakota (Jense 1968), Utah (Lindzey, 1971), Alberta (Salt 1976), and Idaho (Mesiek and Hornocker 1981) emphasized the importance of fossorial, semifossorial, and burrow-visiting mammals. In addition, seasonal variation in diets have been noted (Snead and Hendrickson 1942, Jense 1968, Salt 1976). The objectives of my study were to examine the food habits of badgers in east central Minnesota.

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