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Citation. Lammers, R. 1977. Sampling insects with a wetland emergence trap: design and evaluation of the trap with preliminary results. The American Midland Naturalist 97(2):381-389.   [1365  CC]

Abstract. An insect emergence trap was designed to sample continuously the insect fauna in three wetland plant communities. The microenvironmental effects on temperature and light within the traps were measured; the effects were insignificant except for the reduction in light intensity. There were no obvious effects on plant development within the traps. The traps collected a large number and variety of insects. Beckman Lake wetland collections were comparable to those from Redmond's Pond in that Diptera, particularly Chironomidae, was the dominant group. Trap collections were useful in making temporal and spatial comparisons of insect communities.

Keywords. Chironomidae, insect sampling, wetland emergence trap

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