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Citation. Kuechle, V. B.; Fuller, M. R.; Reichle, R. A.; Schuster, R. J.; Duke, G. E. 1987. Telemetry of gastric motility data from owls. Pages 363-366 in H. P. Kimmich and M. R. Neuman, Eds. Biotelemetry IX.   [1359  CC]

Summary. Avian gastric motility has been studied using a variety of methods (e.g., direct observation, cineradiography, electrical potentials pressure sensitive transmitters), including recording from implanted strain gauge transducers wired to physiological recorders (Duke 1982). In this paper we describe a telemetry system for sensing and recording the muscular contractions of the ventriculus of owls. Long range telemetry (e.g. > 1km) of muscular contractions facilitates study of wildlife physiology, behavior, and ecology.

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