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Citation. Kaufmann, G. W. 1983. Displays and vocalizations of the sora and the Virginia rail. Wilson Bulletin 95(1):42-59.   [1352  CC]

Abstract. Little is known about the ecology and the behavior of the Rallidae. Being shy birds which live in dense vegetation and rarely fly unless forced to do so, most species of rails are more often heard than seen. Most of the information available pertains to coots (Fulica spp.) and the gallinules (Gallinula spp., Prophyrula spp., Porphyrio spp.), species that regularly feed and move about in open areas (Howard 1940; Gullion 1952, 1953. 1954; Kornowski 1957; Askaner 1958; Navas 1960; Holyoak 1970; Wood 1974). The present study concerns the social behavior of the Sora (Porzana carolina) and the Virginia Rail (Rallus limicola), especially their methods of communicating in dense marsh vegetation.

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