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Citation. Howitz, J. L.; Bosanko, D. 1987. Birds of Cedar Creek: an annotated checklist of the birds of the Cedar Creek Natural History Area. 27 pp. mimeo.   [1340  CC]

Introduction. This is a checklist of all species of birds recorded at the University of Minnesota Cedar Creek Natural History Area. The purposes of this checklist are: 1) To update "The Birds of the Cedar Creek Natural History Area" by Stephen J. Maxson and George-Ann Davis, which appeared in 1974. 2) To provide a record of the occurrence, abundance, breeding status, and location of the birds of Cedar Creek to allow for comparison with such data in the future, and to have a record of population and range fluctuations for these birds. 3) To provide a ready reference for potential researchers by listing those species sufficiently common that they could be profitably studied at Cedar Creek.

Keywords. Cedar Creek Natural History Area, birds

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