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Citation. Howitz, J. L. 1977. Golden-winged, blue-winged and brewster's warblers in Anoka County. The Loon 49:171-172.   [1333  CC]

Abstract. A number of the bird species that breed at the Cedar Creek Natural History Area are at or near the extreme edge of their breeding ranges in Minnesota. Cedar Creek is located east of U.S. Highway 65 along the border of Anoka and Isanti Counties, and includes about 22 Km2 of such habitats as northern pin oak forest, bur oak savannah, birch-aspen woods, cedar forest, cedar-tamarack bogs, alder swamps, marshes, field, and open water. I have thoroughly searched the southeastern quarter of Cedar Creek during the breeding seasons of 1976-83, and the southwestern quarter during 1977-80, and so have a reasonable idea of the breeding status of the birds there. Coverage of the northern portions of Cedar Creek has been spotty in recent years, and the status of the birds that breed there is less certain. This article will discuss those species whose presence at Cedar Creek might be considered noteworthy.

Keywords. golden-winged warbler, blue-winged warbler, Brewster's warbler, breeding range

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