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Citation. Anderson, M. G.; Hepp, G. R.; McKinney, F.; Owen, M. 1988. Workshop summary: courtship and pairing in winter. Pages 123-131 in Weller, M. W., editor. Waterfowl in Winter. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN.   [1230  CC]

Abstract. This report offers recommendations for future research on courtship and pairing by waterfowl. We wish to acknowledge the helpful input of the 65 people who attended and contributed to our discussion in Galveston. In particular, D. G. Raveling stimulated several useful exchanges. Several of the topics we discussed also were identified by Raveling et al. (1982). We believe this reflects continuing interst in these subjects from both theoretical and practical points of view.

Keywords. waterfowl, courtship, pairing

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