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Citation. McKone, M. J. 1985. Reproductive biology of several bromegrasses (Bromus): breeding system, pattern of fruit maturation, and seed set. American Journal of Botany 72(9):1334-1339.   [1105  LTERCC]

Abstract. Five species of Bromus were tested for self-fertility when bagged. Bromus inermis was self-incompatible. Bromus tectorum, B kalmii, B ciliatus, and B. latiglumis were capable of self-fertilization. Further evidence from flowering behavior suggested that B.tectorum almost always self-pollinated and that the remaining self-fertile species sometimes outcrossed. Florets in different positions on a spikelet varied in the proportion that set seed. Open-pollinated B inermis plants had lower seed set than the self-fertile species in agreement with the pattern in a variety of hermaphroditic plants.

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