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Citation. Grigal, D. F. 1985. The landscape and soils of Cedar Creek Natural History Area. The Naturalist 36:8-15.   [1059  LTER]

Introduction. Visitors to the Cedar Creek Natural History Area (CCNHA) are seldom impressed by its landscape. The Area consists of a mosaic of subdued hills or small rises intermingled with wetlands. In addition, examination of roadbanks and trails through the area soon reveals that sand, remarkably uniform in grain size, is all-pervasive. To the casual observer, then, the geologic environment of CCNHA is rather uninteresting compared to the diversity of its flora and fauna. This, however, is not the case. Both the geologic events that gave rise to the landscape of CCNHA and the pattern of present-day soils are intriguing. I hope that an explanation of those events and patterns will illustrate that the area is even richer than when only the flora and fauna are considered.

Keywords. Cedar Creek Natural History Area, CCNHA,

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