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Citation. Cutler, B.; Jennings, D. T. 1985. A revision of the Metaphidippus arizonensis group (Araneae, salticidae). Journal of Arachnology 13:1-8.   [1032  LTER]

Abstract. The Metaphidippus arizonensis group contains two species, Metaphidippus arizonensis (Peckham and Peckham) and M. helenae (Banks). The two species share similar genitalic morphology. M. arizonensis occurs in both tall and shortgrass habitats in the central grasslands from southern Alberta to eastern Minnesota south to Arizona and New Mexico. M. helenae occurs in the interior basins of North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, and in saline marshlands of central California. Both species are redescribed and M. glacialis (Scheffer) is synonymized with M. arizonensis.

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