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Susan Storck



Susan is a sculpture artist and jewelry maker working mainly with natural materials and epoxy resin in Minneapolis, MN. Her work explores people's connection to natural specimens, often alluding to traditional herbarium collections. By creating smaller pieces with a utilitarian purpose, such as jewelry, she strives to capture pieces of nature in an approachable way to elicit a response in people. Being able to explore nature, create, and share are the driving forces behind Susan's work.

At Cedar Creek, Susan will be using epoxy resin to conduct three separate projects. She plans to explore Cedar Creek's major habitat types and their plant diversity across seasons, dive deeply into research related to nitrogen maniuplation and represent it via a cabinet of curiosity, and work alongside scientists studying fungi, moss and lichen in a year-long investigation of some of Cedar Creek's underappreciated taxa.

Learn more about Susan's work at, and follow her on InstagramFacebook and her personal residency page.



Lichen collected for preservation
Resin-preserved bog plants

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