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Cheri Stockinger



Cheri is a teacher and quilter. A quality quilt not only provides comfort and warmth, it is a work of art that tells a story about the maker and their environment. Quilts are a visible, touchable representation of the world around us, and change the dynamics of a room and the conversations that take place in it. During her residency, Cheri will be looking to capture the changing of the seasons at Cedar Creek and the science of those seasonal changes through the color, texture and contrast of fabric.

Cheri is a lifelong Minnesotan. She first heard of Cedar Creek while studying ecology at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Currently, she lives with her family as a neighbor to the science reserve. Besides teaching middle school science, Cheri enjoys the outdoors. In addition to making her own quilts, she volunteers with Anoka County 4H Sewing Committee, where she teaches sewing to interested youth.



Cheri is working on quilts as well as monthly blocks inspired by her experiences at the reserve. 

March block - climate science

April block - astronomy

May block - prescribed burning

June block - BioCON experiment

July block - tamaracks and dragonflies

August block - red-headed woodpeckers

September block - Cedar Bog Lake

October block - fall colors

November block - lichen

December block - books on a shelf

January block - animal tracking


Join Cheri for her culminating exhibition of Seams of Cedar Creek: a traditional bed-turning presentation on the afternoon and evening of May 1st! We'll share more details and registration information as the event comes together! Cheri will also offer workshops and a quilting retreat in 2020.


Check back often for project updates!