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Siddharth Iyengar


Graduate Student,  UMN Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior,  2014-2020


I am interested in understanding how different drivers (nutrient deposition, precipitation, human use, fire, herbivory etc.) shape plant communities and ecosystem function. I'd like to work with mathematical and statistical theory to try and gain insight into community structure and function from observations or simple experimental data, especially working in data-limited systems (tropical grasslands and dry forests). I'm also interested in the interface between ecology and society, to try and understand how people relate to nature and use natural resources, especially in rural areas. Current work : Along with Amy Kendig, I am analysing some data from our lab to understand how interaction between two viruses (B/CYDVs) controls their spread and virulence in oat plants, and trying to scale it up to models of disease spread in the field. In Summer 2015, I plan to work with datasets from the NSF-LTER network to understand the interaction of fertilisation and climate variability on community characteristics in long term observations of plant communities. I plan to do some of my thesis research in India, and want to relate ecological insights from long term data in the US to understanding less-studied systems in India.

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Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
100 Ecology Building
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St. Paul  MN, 55108