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A golden beetle on partially consumed leaves. Andropogon gerardii  against a blue sky. Trail camera image of a black bear.

Species Catalogs

These catalogs are the result of contributions by researchers past and present who collected specimens and data from Cedar Creek habitats.  Author background notes on collections and links to additional resources can be found in each catalog.

  • Dr. John Haarstad documented over 2200 species of insects at Cedar Creek.  Photos, taxonomic information, and more are available in the Insects of Cedar Creek catalog.
  • Cedar Creek is a complex of conifer stands, deciduous forests, savannas, prairies, wetlands, open water, and even old agricultural fields. The area supports nearly forty percent of the vascular plant species of the entire state, though it occupies only a ten-thousandth the state's area. These species can be found in the Plants of Cedar Creek catalog 
  • Compiled by Lawrence R. Heaney and Elmer C. Birney, the Mammals of Cedar Creek catalog lists the 61 species of mammals found in and around Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.
  • James L. Howitz and David Bosanko created the Birds of Cedar Creek catalog, which details the roughly 230 species birds found at Cedar Creek.