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Herbivory by Nitrogen Interactive Effects on Community and Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics - Experiment 172

Plant aboveground biomass data

Years Available: 1982 - 2011

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1ExpCDR experiment number
2YearYear of data collection
3FieldField number/letter
4PlotPlot number
5NtrtNitrogen treatment1= 0.0 g/m20 ml, 2= 1.5 g/m225 ml, 3= 3.0 g/m250 ml, 4= 5.0 g/m290 ml, 5= 8.0 g/m2140 ml, 6= 14.0 g/m2250 ml, 7= 25.0 g/m2445 ml, 8= 40.0 g/m2710 ml, 9= 0.0 g/m20 ml
6NaddNitrogen Added to PlotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
7NitrAddAmount of fertilizer added to the plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
8NAtm+NAddNitrogen addition plus Nitrogen from the atmospheregramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
9FencedFenced or not fenced0=Not Fenced, 1= Fenced
10SpeciesSpecies name
11Biomass(g/m2)Species Above ground biomass(g/m2)gramsPerMeterSquared


11982C169.522810.521Solidago nemoralis5.3
11982C169.522810.521Physalis virginiana0.063
11982C169.522810.521Miscellaneous litter491.2
11982C169.522810.521Schizachyrium scoparium192.67
11982C169.522810.521Poa pratensis66.467
11982C169.522810.521Campanula rotundifolia13.967
11982C169.522810.521Rudbeckia serotina7.8
11982C169.522810.521Polygonum convolvulus3.967
11982C169.522810.521Aster ericoides3.2
11982C169.522810.521Anemone cylindrica0.18
11982C169.522810.521Artemisia ludoviciana13.267
11982C169.522810.521Penstemon grandiflorus0.143

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Herbivory by Nitrogen Interactive Effects on Community and Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics: Plant aboveground biomass data

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