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Interactive Effects of Fertility and Distribution on Plant Community Diversity and Structure - Experiment 052

Plant species percent cover data


Years Available: 1998

Principle Investigators

Wilson, Scott
Tilman, David

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1Experiment NumberExperiment Number
2Field IdentificationField number/letter
4Nitrogen TreatmentNitrogen fertilizer treatment applied twice per year 1=0.0 g/m2, 3=3.0 g/m2, 6=14.0 g/m2, 7=25.0 g/m2
5Ammonium Nitrate(34-0-0) addition(g/m2/yr)Total annual fertilizer addition gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
6Annual Nitrogen addition (g/m2/yr)(Fertilizer 0.34%N) x (Nitrogen Treatment(g/m2)) x (2 times/year)gramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
7Soil Disturbance TreatmentSoil Disturbance Treatment1=undisturbed, 2=1 pass rear-tined rototiller set to till to a depth of 9 inches, 3=2 passes or number required to produce about 50% bare ground, 4=3 passes or number required to produce 100% bare ground.
9DateDate (MM/DD/YYYY)
11AbsCoverAbsolute Coverdimensionless
12RelCoverRelative Coverdimensionless
13CrewInitCrew Initials


Experiment NumberField IdentificationPlotNitrogen TreatmentAmmonium Nitrate(34-0-0) addition(g/m2/yr)Annual Nitrogen addition (g/m2/yr)Soil Disturbance TreatmentQuadratDateSpeciesAbsCoverRelCoverCrewInitNote
52B13622B8/20/1998Panicum capillare20.02701HL
52B13622A8/20/1998Bare ground10CB
52B13622B8/20/1998Rumex acetosella40.05402HL
52B13622B8/20/1998Polygonum convolvulus20.02701HL
52B13622B8/20/1998Hedeoma hispida0.020.00027HL
52B13622B8/20/1998Fragaria virginiana10.01351HL
52B13622B8/20/1998Lespedeza capitata10.01351HL
52B13622B8/20/1998Setaria lutescens (glauca)40.05402HL
52B13622A8/20/1998Setaria sp.0.50.00668CB
52B13622A8/20/1998Mosses and lichens0.2CB
52B13622B8/20/1998Cyperus sp.0.020.00027HL
52B13622A8/20/1998Schizachyrium scoparium700.93583CB

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Interactive Effects of Fertility and Distribution on Plant Community Diversity and Structure: Plant species percent cover data

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