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Causes of change in ectomycorrhizal communities - Experiment 169

Sporocarp count aboveground fungal communities in savanna and oak forest


Years Available: 1998 - 2002

Principle Investigators

Dickie, Ian
Reich, Peter
McLaughlin, David

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1CollectionNameFungal species identification
2SiteSavanna burn unit and plot within burnunit
3RecordedDateDate sporocarps observd
4PlotSampling point wher observed
5InPlotIN refers to within designated sampling circle, OUT refers to near plot but not in designated area
6Countnumber of sporocarps observeddimensionless


Amanita sp.BU104-plot2430-Jul-9830IN2
Amanita sp.BU104-plot2430-Jul-9851OUT1
Amanita sp.BU104-plot2430-Jul-9870OUT1
Boletus nobilissimusBU104-plot2430-Jul-9851IN1
Russula sp.BU104-plot2430-Jul-9884IN3
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-982IN12
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-9819OUT1
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-9829IN3
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-9829OUT2
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-9840OUT2
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-98105IN1
Russula seperinaBU110-plot1030-Jul-98110IN1

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Causes of change in ectomycorrhizal communities: Sporocarp count aboveground fungal communities in savanna and oak forest

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