Key to Plant Traits
(Created by David Archbald)

To help identify an unknown forb, you may fill out this form and click the "Submit" button at the bottom. That will bring up any Cedar Creek plants that match those traits.

If you need to identify a tree, please see the tree key, or for ferns, the fern key.

(About these keys)

How tall is the plant? (more info)
  Less than one foot tall (under 30 cm)
  One foot tall but less than two feet (30-60 cm)
  Two feet or more tall (over 60 cm)
  Don't know

Does any leaf have a petiole? (more info)
  Yes, petiole is present
  No, petiole is absent
  Not clear

How are the leaves arranged? (more info)
  None of the above (or don't know)

What about the leaves themselves? (more info)
  Simple leaves, about as long as broad
  Simple leaves, 1.5 to 5 times as long as broad
  Simple leaves, over 5 times as long as broad
  Compound trifoliate leaves
  Compound palmate leaves
  Compound pinnate leaves
  None of the above (or don't know)

What is the nature of the leaf edge? (more info)
  Edge is entire (smooth)
  Edge is toothed or scalloped, with four or more per inch (less than about 6 mm between teeth)
  Edge is irregular
  Edge is deeply cut
  None of the above (or don't know)

How do the veins on the leaves appear? (more info)
  Veins more or less parallel
  Veins branched
  Don't know

What about the stems? (more info)
  Creeping or twining
  Hairy or spiny
  None of the above

How are the flowers arranged? (more info)
  Flowers singly on the stem
  Several flowers on the stem
  Flowers in a cluster or a spike
  Flowers in an umbel
  None of the above (or don't know)

What are the flowers like? (more info)
  Three petals each
  Four petals each
  Five petals each
  Six petals each
  Seven or more petals
  Like a tube or bell
  Irregular in form
  Don't know

How wide do the flowers appear to be? (more info)
  Less than 1/8 inch wide (under 3 mm)
  1/8 inch but smaller than 3/8 inch (3-10 mm)
  3/8 inch but smaller than 5/8 inch (10-15 mm)
  5/8 inch but smaller than 1 inch (15-25 mm)
  1 inch but smaller than 2 inches (25-50 mm)
  2 inches or more wide (over 50 mm)
  Don't know

What color are the flowers? (more info)
  Pink to red
  Yellow to orange
  Brownish or greenish
  Blue to purple
  Don't know

When does the plant bloom? (more info)
  April or earlier
  September or later
  Don't know

(We are seeking experts to develop descriptions and keys for the lichens and also for the fungi of Cedar Creek. Dr. Jan Janssens of BetaMax Research has kindly agreed to work up the mosses.)