Cedar Creek
Ecosystem Science Reserve


Plants of Cedar Creek


Using a design similar to my insects web site, I set out to organize photographs and comments on the plants of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. None of this would have been complete or nearly correct without the botanical expertise of my coauthor on the project, Barbara Delaney. I'm sure there botanical faux pas that remain, but I assure the reader that these are mine alone, and that Barbara will undoubtedly find them all in time. Please let us know of any anomolies you encounter.

Once the basic framework was compete and a few thousand web pages and photographs were in place, we had the excellent good fortune to obtain the artistic talents of Areca Treon, who gave such a nice look to the upper levels of the web site, better than the rest of us could ever hope to do. She also spent countless hours selecting the best photographs for the indexes, looking for broken links, and all the other things a large web site involves. But beyond her artistic and technical work, she also contributed to the scholarly content of the web site by creating, on her own initiative, a key to the ferns of Cedar Creek. Not many authors are lucky enough to have some one as versatile as Areca.

Clarence Lehman dedicated at least of month of time, outside of his normal Cedar Creek duties, to computerize the indexes and unify access to the data. And all of this would probably have been much longer delayed, and the data not so accessible, if not for the motivational direction of David Tilman.

My deepest thanks to all who have helped on this web site.

--John Haarstad