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Vehicle Policy

Individuals using Cedar Creek vehicles will be responsible for following the guidelines set forth in this policy.

General Information:
Cedar Creek presently has eight vehicles (six of which are used for research projects). Troy Mielke, Research Coordinator (LTER) is responsible for 3 research vehicles and Kally Worm, Research Coordinator is responsible for 2 research vehicles. Jim Krueger, Supervisor Building & Grounds is responsible for 2 facility vehicles.  Jim Krueger is also responsible for maintenance of all eight vehicles.

In the event that individuals need to use a vehicle please see the contacts below:

LTER Vehicles:  Troy Mielke                                    BioCon Vehicles: Kally Worm
* 1 regular size pick-up truck (maroon)                       * 1 extended cab truck (black)
* 1 extended cab truck (silver)                                     * 1 Suburban (white)
* 1 Suburban (green)

Jim Krueger manages the use of the 2 other Cedar Creek vehicles (a silver truck and a teal truck) not affiliated with LTER/BioCon. Both of those vehicles are only allowed to be used if Jim gives permission for their use.

Who can drive Cedar Creek Vehicles?
Cedar Creek Staff, principle investigators, post-docs, grad students, project leaders, and interns are able to use Cedar Creek vehicles with prior permission and by agreeing to follow policies detailed in this document. It is at the discretion of Troy Mielke, JimKrueger, and Kally Worm to determine who is, and who is not, allowed to drive Cedar Creek vehicles.

All drivers must:

·         Have a valid U.S. driver’s license

·         Provide a copy of their driver’s license before driving any vehicle

·         Read the Cedar Creek Vehicle Policy prior to operating Vehicles

·         Be at least 19 years old

·         Follow the rules for Vehicle operation detailed below

Rules for use of Cedar Creek Vehicles:

·         All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts at all times (this is a State law)

·         Passengers are never allowed to ride in the back/bed of a truck or a suburban

·         Keep all limbs in the vehicle while the vehicle is moving

·         Vehicles are for work use only unless permission is granted from either Troy or Kally

·         Vehicles must be cleaned out after each use

·         All accidents must be reported to Troy, Kally, or Jim immediately

·         Credit Cards for vehicles will be signed out by either Troy, Kally or Jim

·         No person may operate a Cedar Creek vehicle if they are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

·         Drivers must follow all other rules pertaining to vehicle use determined by the University of Minnesota Vehicle Loss Control Program and the State of Minnesota

Rules for use of Cedar Creek Tractors

·         Nobody operates Cedar Creek tractors without prior training and permission from Jim Krueger, Building & Grounds Supervisor

·         Tractors must be scheduled for work ahead of time

·         Interns must be appointed first by Troy Mielke or Kally Worm