Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Northern Casemakers)

(Table of Species)

Northern Casemaker Caddisfly larvae (311 NA spp; 56 MN spp) make cases of sticks, sand, pebbles, or shells and live in both lotic and lentic waters. Minnesota genera--Anabolia(4), Apatania(2), Arctopora(1), Asynarchus(3), Frenesia(1), Glyphopsyche(1), Grammotaulius(1), Hesperophylax(1), Hydatophylax(1), Ironoquia(2), Leptophylax(1), Limnephilus(20), Nemotaulius(1), Neophylax(4), Onocosmoecus(1), Platycentropus(3), Pseudostenophylax(1), Pycnopsyche(5), Chilostigma(1), Lenarchus(1), Philarctus(1).

Species collected at CCESR include:  Asynarchus curtus, Limnephilus 3+spp (moestus, ornatus, parvulus) and Nemotaulius hostilis.  The last is a large caddisfly with scalloped wing edges occuring in Fish Lake.  Several other species of Limnephilus and possibly other genera likely to occur here.

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