Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Tiger Beetles)

(Table of Species)

The Tiger Beetles (108 NA spp; 19 MN spp) are colorful ground predators. Although sometimes swept from vegetation they are most readily taken in pitfall traps or by stalking. Nine species of Cicindelahave been taken on Cedar Creek. C. scutellaris and C. formosa are two common species of xeric fields in early summer. C. punctulata is a late summer species that is found in many fields. C. sexguttata is a common green woodland species.C. patruela is a rare savanna species that has been taken in STS. C. repanda and C. 12-guttata are common along sandy lake shore. C. tranquebarica and C. purpurea may be visitants to the Area. They are seen irregularly. Larvae live in vertical burrows in the soil and are predators on surface invertebrates.

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