Annotated Checklist and Explanation of Codes

Order GRUIFORMES: Cranes, Rails, etc.

Family RALLIDAE: Rails

Virginia Rail, Rallus limicola [SR -, u, u, r *** n b]
 Virginia Rails are uncommon breeders in the marshes south and west of Fish Lake, the marsh east of the north-south road, and the marsh north of 24 and west of Cedar Creek.
Sora, Porzana carolina [SR -, c, c, r *** n b]
 Soras are relatively common breeders in the marshes around Fish Lake.

Bob Hines, USFWS
American Coot, Fulica americana [SR -, c-a, r-u, a ( )]
 Coots are rare to uncommon in the summer at Cedar Creek, but are common in the spring migration and abundant on Fish Lake during the fall.

Stephen Little, USFWS